Website development

We develop websites on different platforms. Determination of the best platform to use for your website is our expertise. Here’s what we usually recommend:



The No. 1 FREE CMS platform

When it comes to building websites, we have a soft spot for WordPress. It’s free and you get the advantage of being able to maintain your own content, which translates to huge savings on maintenance costs for YOU.

But if you think WordPress is just for blogs —you are mistaken. WordPress is currently the most popular CMS (Content Management System) on the Internet today. It can be used for eCommerce and subscription sites just as effectively as for blogging or corporate websites.



Enterprise Level Website CMS for business

For Enterprise Level Websites we always recommend using dotNet. Enterprise websites allows close collaboration of the different groups in your company (e.g. sales, accounting, etc). You and your employees can access your database over the Internet through your website —wherever they may be.

You can have data entry, reporting, and collaboration tools on your website. And with slew of security features like log on screens, captcha, and illegal user lockout features, your data will be kept safe and secure.

Desktop software development

.Net Software

dot Net Software Development

Enterprise Level Desktop Software

While most businesses nowadays think that having a web based system is best, there are several reasons why a desktop software might be a better fit for your business:

  • If your database and reporting needs require the processing power of a desktop computer.
  • If your business doesn’t really benefit from your data being online.
  • If Internet access is unreliable in your area.
  • If you’re paranoid about having your data online.

One big advantage of a desktop software is that it is not dependent on your internet connection. Desktop software runs on your local network and does not have to be connected to the internet. However, it can still be made to be flexible enough to obtain some information from the Internet when required —like checking for email.

Just like an Enterprise Level Website CMS, a Desktop software can be used on your Local Area Network (LAN) to provide each of your employees the means to access data and reporting tools.